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Cuban Papal Public Holidays March 26-28

Source: Órgano Oficial del Comité Central del Partido Comunista de Cuba (Granma)
Posted: Sunday, March 18, 2012
Most recent follow-up news item: December 23, 2014

The Cuban government has finally announced that it would declare public holidays from March 26 to 28, 2012, to coincide with the upcoming visit of Pope Benedict XVI to Santiago de Cuba and Havana.

As per the aforementioned decree (RESOLUCIÓN No. 8/2012), signed by the minister of Labour and Social Security, Margarita M. González Fernández, the government of Cuba has decreed flexible labour recess (receso y flexibilidad laboral) in the Provinces of Santiago de Cuba and la Habana, from March 26-28, inclusively.

The declaration of public holidays in the provinces when the Pope would give mass had been expected since last month (2012-02-29).

Recall that following the visit to Cuba of Pope John-Paul II, Christmas was restored as an official non-working public holiday in Cuba (1998-12-02).

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