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Swaziland Reed Dance 2012 Public Holiday

Source: Government of Swaziland Ministry of Home Affairs (Mbabane)
Posted on Saturday, July 7, 2012

Swaziland's Home Affairs minister, Prince Gcokoma Dlamini, has announced, once again well in advance, that the upcoming non-working public holiday for the Umhlanga (aka. Reed Dance) would be in September.

As per the aforementioned statement, the main day for dancing will be in September 2012, but that date being a Sunday, the following Monday has been declared a public holiday.

Although this year's announcement is not as early as that of last year (2011-06-16), it is still much earlier than in previous years when the Umhlanga, Reed Dance, public holiday was usually declared 2-3 weeks before the event (2010-08-12 and 2008-08-15), and on some occasions, only days beforehand (2009-08-29 and 2007-08-28).

According to Prince Gcokoma Dlamini, "The government has noted that announcing such events before time allows people to make arrangements more especially those coming from Europe.".

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