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Netherlands Royal Public Holiday Amended

Source: Nieuwsoverzicht Rijksoverheid (Amsterdam)
Posted on Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Following last weekend's surprise announcement that Queen Beatrix would abdicate on April 30, the Dutch Government has confirmed that, beginning in 2014, April 30 would no longer be an official non-working public holiday (Konninginnedag) in the Netherlands.

The aforementioned announcement goes on to state that from 2014 onward, the birthday of the Crown-Prince, on April 27, will be an annual non-working public holiday (Koningsdag) in the Netherlands, with the same day in lieu rules governing its observance when it falls on a Sunday (as is the case in 2014).

After the surprise of Queen Beatrix' abdication (2013-01-28), the change in public holiday was also a surprise, as the current April 30th, annual public holiday in the Netherlands is for the birthday of Queen Juliana, the mother of Queen Beatrix (whose birthday is on January 31), and many thought the date would remain as is in the future.

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