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Bangladesh 2014 Public Holidays Amended

Source: Ministry of Public Administration, Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh (Dhaka)
Posted: Monday, February 3, 2014

Bangladesh's government has released an amended version of its annual list of official non-working public holidays in Bangladesh for the calendar year 2014.

The aforementioned announcement mainly adds some optional sectorial public holidays, and does not (yet) announce any change in the date of the Buddha Purnima public holiday for 2014, which we had mentioned seemed wrong in the DFIM Circular Letter No. 10 : Regarding Holidays of 2014 (2013-11-15), in which, once again (2012-11-30 and 2012-01-01), the date stated for the Buddha Purnima (Baishakhi Purnima) public holiday is listed earlier than one would have expected (and which is listed by the governments of India and Sri Lanka).

This date for the 2014 Buddha Purnima in Bangladesh may yet be amended at a later date as was done for the corresponding 2012 date of Buddha Purnima (2012-05-02), although the 2013 date was not amended.

Interestingly, one of the dates which is corrected is the date for the 2014 Ashari Purnima which is now in line with the strange date announced by Thailand last year (2013-12-26).

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