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Cape Verde CAN 2015 Public Holiday Tomorrow

Source: Ministro da Administração Interna (República de Cabo Verde)
Posted on Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The Government of Cape Verde has once again declared a one-off non-working public holiday (tolerância de ponto) to allow citizens to watch the game with Mozambique, the fourth round of the CAN 2015 qualifications.

Last year (2013-01-27), the President of Cape Verde, Jorge Carlos Fonseca, had declared a one-off non-working public holiday following the same day's qualification by Cape Verde's national football team for the CAN 2013 quarter finals.

Usually (2011-06-12 and 2009-11-04), the one-off non-working public holidays, declared by the government of Cape Verde, are related to the launch of the annual drive against dengue and paludism (campanhas de limpeza e de desinfestação das residências para combater os mosquitos vectores da dengue e paludismo), although this was not the case last year (2012-08-04).

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