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Indonesia To Combine Election Dates From 2019
(Posted on Thursday, January 23, 2014)

Source: Komisi Pemilihan Umum (Jakarta)

Indonesia's Constitutional Court has ruled that Indonesia would hold its presidential election and legislative election concurrently, starting in 2019.

Although the aforementioned decision was taken to prevent "rampant horse-trading and inefficiency" in the weeks between the legislative and presidential elections, the main impact will be to reduce from 2 to 1 the number of electoral public holidays in Indonesia, beginning in 2019, and every 5 years henceforth, as legislative and presidential elections dates are regularly declared one-off non-working public holidays in Indonesia (In Indonesia, the date of elections is often declared a public holiday (10-May-2013, 15-Sep-2012, 21-Jun-2012, 10-May-2010, 03-Jul-2009, 31-Mar-2009, 06-Jul-2008, 30-Mar-2004 and 29-May-1999).

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