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Monaco September 3 Public Holiday Ruled-Out

Source: Communiqués de presse (Principauté de Monaco)
Posted: Monday, September 1, 2014

Monaco's State Ministry and the FEDEM have issued a statement reminding enterprises operating in Monaco that September 3 is no longer an annual non-working public holidays in Monaco.

The aforementioned announcement is in line with last fall's (2013-11-06) "Communiqué n° 2013-09 du 4 novembre 2013 relatif à la liste des jours chômés et payés pour l'année 2014" which was published in the "Bulletin Officiel de la Principauté de Monaco N° 8145", at about the same date as last year (2012-11-03), but earlier than the previous 2 years (2011-12-02 and 2010-12-20), but around the same time as some of the years before that (2008-11-14, 2007-10-26 and 2005-10-28).

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