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Guam 2015 Public Holidays Amended
(Posted on Monday, January 12, 2015)

Source: The Government of Guam (Chamorro)

The Government of Guam has released an amended version of its previously-released annual official list of non-working public holidays in Guam for the calendar year 2015.

The aforementioned announcement includes the third Monday of January added as a new "GovGuam holiday" (public holiday limited to civil servants), in honor of Martin Luther King Jr, a few years ago (26-Apr-2008), as well as the correct date (09-Jan-2015) for the recently re-instated (03-Dec-2002) and renamed (26-Feb-2014) Discovery Day non-working public holiday in Guam.

It does, however, continue (10-Jan-2014, 29-Jan-2013 and 03-Jan-2012) to ignore the House Bill "An Act To Amend 1000 Of Chapter 10 Of Title 1, Guam Code Annotated, Relative To Following The Practice Of The Federal Government For Federal Holidays Falling On Saturdays And Sundays" which was signed into law by the Governor of Guam, also a few years ago (03-Jan-2005 and 22-Dec-2004).

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