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Queensland Extends Easter Public Holidays

Source: Department of Justice and Attorney-General (State of Queensland)
Posted: Wednesday, August 31, 2016
Most recent follow-up news item: March 13, 2022

The Palaszczuk Government of Australia's state of Queensland is moving to make Easter Sunday a new annual non-working public holiday in Australia's state of Queensland, beginning in 2017.

Easter Sunday, observed throughout Australia as a regular Sunday, just 10 years ago, has steadily been declared as a non-working public holiday in various Australian states over the past few years.

First out of the gate (2010-10-13), was New South Wales (NSW), whose Premier, Kristina Keneally, announced that NSW would become the first jurisdiction in Australia to recognize Easter Sunday as a public holiday, effective in 2011.

Then, last year, Australia's State of Victoria (2015-08-17) and the ACT, Australia's Capital Territory (2015-08-22), both declared Easter Sunday as a new annual non-working public holiday in their respective states/territories.

The aforementioned announcement has provoked sharp criticisms, as Australia's state of Queensland has had a recent history of constantly tinkering with its public holidays. Five years ago (2011-12-03 and 2011-11-05), it amended the state public holidays law so that, beginning in 2012, the Queen's Birthday non-working public holiday would be moved from the 2nd Monday in June to the 1st Monday in October, while on the same occasion, a one-off public holiday for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee would be observed in June 2012 in Queensland. Then, less than a year later (2012-10-30), after many months of discussion (2012-09-11, 2012-08-20, and 2012-06-12), it announced amendments to the Holidays Act 1983 whereby, from 2013 onward, the dates of the Birthday of the Sovereign (Queen's Birthday) public holiday and of the Labour Day public holiday would be changed. Finally (?), last year (2015-10-14, 2015-06-23, 2015-05-22, 2015-03-17, 2015-03-13 and 2015-02-15), it included further reversals and amendments to the annual list of non-working public holidays in Australia's State of Queensland in the "Holidays and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2015".

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