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Thailand 2018 Public Holidays Announced

Source: The Bank of Thailand (Bangkok)
Posted on Sunday, October 29, 2017

The official list and dates of the annual bank holidays and non-working public holidays in Thailand, for the upcoming calendar year 2018, has been released.

As before (2016-08-14, 2015-07-11, 2014-07-13, 2013-09-09, 2012-09-26 and 2011-08-20), and in accordance with the Cabinet's Resolution of February 3rd, 2004, 2-day public holidays that both fall on a weekend day only give rise to one day in lieu non-working public holiday on the following Monday (2004-02-06).

The aforementioned announcement also confirms the removal of the Buddhist Lent bank holiday, having been replaced, beginning in 2007 (B.E. 2550), by the holiday that always occurs a day before, Asarnha Bucha (2006-11-16), as well as the recent changes to the list of annual non-working public holidays in Thailand, following last year's death of King Bhumibol Adulyadej (2017-04-11, 2017-02-07, 2016-11-22 and 2016-10-20).

The Royal Ploughing Ceremony public sector holiday which is usually announced at a later date (2016-08-14, 2015-11-03, 2014-12-08, 2013-12-26, 2012-11-30, 2011-12-08, and 2009-04-26), was actually declared for 2018 a few months ago (2017-06-05).

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