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Liberia Mulls Presidential Public Holidays Changes

Source: Legislature of Liberia Senate (Monrovia)
Posted: Thursday, August 30, 2018

A bill introduced by former Bong County Senator, now Vice President, Jewel Howard-Taylor, has been resubmitted by Senator Paye, with a view to cancel the non-working public holidays marking the birthdays of presidents Joseph Jenkins Robert and William V. S. Tubman.

The aforementioned bill would replace the annual non-working public holiday for Joseph Jenkins Roberts (2018-03-10, 2015-03-14, 2013-03-13,...), the first President of the Republic of Liberia, and the annual non-working public holiday for the 18th President of Liberia, the late William V. S. Tubman (2015-11-26, 2012-11-27, 2011-11-26,...), and replace them with a single national holiday for all present and former presidents to be called Presidents Day.

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