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Brazil Reconsidering Mid-Week Public Holidays

Source: Agência Senado Federal (Brasilia)
Posted: Tuesday, June 4, 2019

The Brazilian Senate's Commission for Education, Culture and Sport (EC) has approved the Senate Bill PLS 389/2016 (Dispõe sobre a antecipação da comemoração de feriados) which would move Brazilian public holidays that fall mid-week, to a nearby Monday.

The moving of fixed-date public holidays to the previous Monday, was instituted, in July 1985, by a decree from then President José Sarney, but that decree was abrogated in October 1990.

Since then, the topic of moving mid-week public holidays in Brazil comes back to the fore, regularly.

Six years ago (2013-06-29), a 2009 bill to move to the next Monday any fixed-date Brazilian public holiday that falls on a Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday-Friday, the PLC (Projeto de Lei da Câmara) 108/2009, had been reinstated and was also then considered by the Committee on Education, Culture and Sports (EC), though nothing ever came of it.

A few years before, the Projeto de Lei 2257/11, introduced by representative Edmar Arruda (2011-09-16), and the Projeto de Lei 2756/03 was approved by the lower house's Commission of Constitution and Justice and Citizenship (2009-04-09) but subsequently rejected by the Senate (2009-05-06).

Another bill, moving some mid-week public holidays to Mondays, was introduced in 2007 (2007-07-11 and 2007-11-27) and seems to have died for lack of attention.

As usual in this frequent type of legislation, the list of fixed-date public holidays covered by the aforementioned legislation would exclude the Brazilian public holidays for New Year, Carnival, Good Friday, Labor Day, Corpus Christi, Independence, Lady of Aparecida and Christmas.

If the aforementioned bill is approved on the Senate floor, then it would go to the lower house.

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