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Honduras Public Sector Holidays April 13-21

Source: La Prensa Libre (Tegucigalpa)
Posted: Friday, April 5, 2019
Most recent follow-up news item: February 18, 2021

The secretaría de Derechos Humanos, Justicia, Gobernación y Descentralización of Honduras, has once again approved the declaration of the entire upcoming Holy Week (April 13-21, 2019) as additional non-working public holidays for Honduras' public sector employees.

The aforementioned announcement ("los días lunes 15, martes 16 y miércoles 17 se otorgan a cuenta de vacaciones"), is in line with previous years, when the annual Easter public holidays were often extended for Honduras' public sector, to last for the entire full Holy Week (2018-03-19, 2017-04-06, 2016-03-16, 2015-03-21, 2012-03-14, 2011-04-12, 2010-03-10, 2009-04-03, 2008-03-15, 2007-03-28, and 2006-04-04) as is also often done in neighboring Nicaragua (2017-04-06, 2016-03-15, 2014-04-07, 2013-03-05, 2012-03-24, 2011-04-08, 2010-03-17, 2009-03-20, and 2008-03-10) and, to a lesser extent, Costa Rica (2018-03-16, 2017-03-15, 2010-03-11 and 2009-03-19).

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