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Albanian 2021 Public Holidays Amended

Source: Bank of Albania (Tirana)
Posted: Monday, December 7, 2020

The Bank of Albania, Albania's central bank, has released an amended version of its previously-released list of official Albanian bank holidays and non-working public holidays for the upcoming calendar year 2021.

The aforementioned amended list of 2021 bank holidays and public holidays in Albania follows the publication by the the government of Albania, via its central bank, the Bank of Albania, of the 2021 bank holidays and public holidays in Albania, a couple of months ago (2020-10-15).

Although the previously-released list of Albanian bank holidays and public holidays in 2021 in Albania, did mention that "Holidays falling on Saturday or Sunday shall be observed on Monday", as was the case for the preceding 5 years (2020-01-14, 2018-10-29, 2017-12-18, 2017-01-07 and 2016-01-09), it did not list International Worker’s Day as one of the holidays covered by that rule.

Recall that, in late 2009, it was announced that, effective the following year, public holidays in Albania which fall on a weekend would no longer give rise to a public holiday on the following Monday (2009-12-01 and 2008-12-14).

But that rule was reversed, 5 years later (2015-04-07 and 2015-04-01), when the government of Albania, via its Deputy Prime Minister, Niko Peleshi, announced an immediate reinstatement of the practice of declaring a day in lieu additional non-working public holiday on any Monday that follows a weekend public holiday in Albania.

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