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Egyptian Bank Holidays May 24-28

Source: The Central Bank of Egypt (Cairo)
Posted: Friday, May 22, 2020

The Central Bank of Egypt (CBE) has declared May 24-28, 2020, inclusively, as bank holidays for the upcoming Eid El Fitr (End of Ramadan).

The aforementioned declaration of May 24-28, 2020, as bank holidays in Egypt, represents a 2-day extension of bank holidays, as compared with the annual list of 2020 bank holidays in Egypt, as announced earlier this year by Egypt's Central Bank (2020-01-13).

These May 24-28 bank holidays are, however, in line with recent announcements by the Egyptian government of an extended 5-day period of public sector holidays for Egyptian government workers (2020-05-17), followed a few days later by an announcement by the Egyptian minister of manpower, Mohamed Saafan, that the upcoming Eid El-Fitr public holidays marking the end of Ramadan, would be extended to 5 days, from May 24-28, 2020, inclusively, for the Egyptian private sector.

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