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Macau 2021 Public Holidays Announced

Source: Portal do Governo da RAEM da República Popular da China (Macau)
Posted: Friday, April 17, 2020
Most recent follow-up news item: April 8, 2022

The government of the Macau SAR has announced its annual full list of official Macau non-working annual public holidays for the upcoming calendar year 2021 (二零二一年度公众假期、公共行政工作人员获豁免上班及补假日的日期表), thus completing the recently-released list of one-off public holidays in Macau for 2021 (行政长官于二零二零年四月二日批示公共行政工作人员获准豁免上班日期).

As usual (2019-06-21, 2018-03-29, 2017-03-30, 2016-05-05, 2015-04-29, 2014-04-10, 2013-03-06, 2012-04-06, 2011-08-02, 2010-04-15, and 2009-10-26) the aforementioned announcement of the full list of Macau non-working public holidays for the upcoming calendar year 2021 comes after the announcement of one-off additional non-working public holidays in 2021 ("Exemption from work granted to public employees by the Chief Executive on 2 April 2020" and "Compensatory rest days for public employees set forth in No. 4 of Article 79 of the ETAPM").

As per the aforementioned, and in addition to the Macau annual public holidays (2008-08-20 and 1999-12-28), the official list of Macau public holidays for 2021 also includes 7 full-days and 2 afternoon non-working public holidays, as was announced separately, earlier this month (2020-04-02).

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