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Nauru Clarifies New September 25 Public Holiday

Source: The Government of the Republic of Nauru (Yaren)
Posted: Tuesday, October 13, 2020

In its Nauru Bulletin 17, released to the media this morning, the government of Nauru has clarified the recently-declared new annual public holiday of September 25, stating that "The date is commonly recognised and celebrated as national youth day commemorating the birthdate of the late president but this year the government approved to officially recognise and honour the date annually as Sir Hammer DeRoburt day" and that "Activities for the youth will continue to be organised each year as part of the annual celebration".

Recall that, last month (2020-09-10), Nauru's President, Lionel Rouwen Aingimea, declared September 25 as a new annual public holiday in Nauru, as published in the Nauru Government Gazette No.171 (G.N.No. 683/2020), "to honour the Birthday of founding father and first President, Sir Hammer DeRoburt OBE, GCMG", thus amending the previously-announced list of 2020 public holidays in Nauru, as published in the Government Gazette No.253 of December 11, 2019 (2019-12-11).

A decade ago (2009-09-24), Nauru's then Acting President, Kieren Keke, had also declared Friday, September 25, 2009, a national public holiday "in celebration of National Youth Day and in commemoration of the birth date of the late former President Sir Hammer DeRoburt", thus further amending (2009-08-31 and 2009-03-02) the then previously-released list of 2009 public holidays in Nauru (2008-12-29).

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