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Papua New Guinea 2021 Public Holidays Announced

Source: Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea (Port Moresby)
Posted: Friday, September 4, 2020
Most recent follow-up news item: July 21, 2021

The Governor-General of Papua New Guinea, Bob Dadae, has released the annual gazetted official list of appointed non-working public holidays in Papua New Guinea for the upcoming calendar year 2021 in the National Gazette of Papua New Guinea No.G583.

The aforementioned announcement of official Papua New Guinea public holidays for the calendar year 2021 as contained in the "PNG National Gazette G583", contains blatant errors in the date of Easter-related PNG public holidays (2019-10-11, 2018-12-19, 2017-10-11, 2016-08-24, 2015-10-01, 2014-08-18, 2014-01-07, 2012-08-25, 2011-08-07, 2010-10-26, 2009-10-08, 2006-10-13, 2003-07-07 and 2000-08-15).

After the usual preamble ("I, Grand. Chief Sir Bob Dadae, GCL, GCMG, K. St. J., Governor-General, by virtue of the powers conferred by Sections 1, 2 and 3 of the Pubiic Holidays Act (Chapter 321) and all other powers me enabling, acting with, and in accordance with, the advice of the National Executive Council, hereby ...") the gazette entry singles-out 3 public holidays for special mention in 2021; first a surprise date for the Queen's Birthday ("appoint Monday, 7th June, 2021 to be the day to commemorate the birthday of the Queen") and then the more perfunctory announcements of the date of National Remembrance Day ("appoint Thursday, 16th September, 2021 to be the day to commemorate the attainment of Independent Sovereign Nationhood") and National Repentance Day ("appoint Friday, 23rd July, 2021 to be the day to Commemorate the PNG Remembrance Day").

Recall that he Remembrance Day public holiday, listed on July 23, had been moved from July 23 to April 25, fifteen years ago (2004-09-20), a move that was meant to be permanent, but which was not well received (2005-10-01).

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