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Unpublished Assam 2021 Public Holidays Already Draws Gorkhas Ire

Source: Government of Assam (Dispur)
Posted: Thursday, December 17, 2020
Most recent follow-up news item: December 18, 2020

The list of 2021 public holidays in the Indian State of Assam has not yet been published, but it has already drawn fire from the Gorkhas community who claim that Bhatri Ditiya will not be included in the list of 2021 public holidays in Assam, and prefer to act preventively ("The Gorkhas hope that Bhatri Ditiya will be listed in the State holiday list next year").

As per the statement released by the Gorkhas community, "Bhatri Ditiya (Bhai Tika), is a festival celebrating the bond between brothers and sisters in which sisters put tika on the forehead of their brothers. Gorkha bodies of the State have made several requests to the State Government for inclusion of Bhatri Ditiya as a State holiday. The previous governments had granted only restricted holiday on that day. The present State Government had declared complete bandh throughout the State this year on Bhatri Ditiya through a notification.".

That statement makes reference to the list of Assam 2020 public holidays which was released late last year (2019-12-01), in the Government Notification No.GAG(A).81/2016/494).

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