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Antigua and Barbuda Rules-Out Public Holiday On January 3

Source: Permanent Secretary Ministry of Legal Affairs (St. John's)
Posted: Friday, December 24, 2021

The Minister of Labour of Antigua and Barbuda, Steadroy Benjamin, has released a media statement clarifying that Monday, January 3, 2022, would not be a public holiday in Antigua and Barbuda ("We have discussed this in detail, we researched the law and we are satisfied that what they indicated there in the publications are a correct reflection of the law.").

The aforementioned media statement goes on to state that "The Public Holidays Amendment Bill of 2019 states that when the first day of January falls on a Sunday, the following Monday shall be a public holiday" but that "When January 1 falls on any other day but Sunday, the official holiday is observed only on January 1st" (2020-01-03, 2019-11-13, 2019-10-30 and 2019-09-14).

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