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Bhutan Cancels First Snowfall Public Holidays

Source: Royal Civil Service Commission of Bhutan (Thimphu)
Posted: Wednesday, December 29, 2021

The Ministry of Home and Cultural Affairs of Bhutan has announced that the annual first snowfall of the year public holiday would be officially scrapped.

In the past we could always expect the last minute declaration of public holidays to mark the first snowfall of the year (2016-01-20, 2014-03-05 and 2013-01-20).

Today's statement by the Ministry of Home and Cultural Affairs of Bhutan justifies the end of this practice as follows "As everyone is aware, our terrain makes commuting difficult and risky during snowfall. Certain Dzongkhags in the past have witnessed very heavy first snowfalls, as a result of which public institutions were asked to remain closed to ensure safety of the people. Over time, this became a tradition of declaring public holiday on the first snowfall of the year, irrespective of the extent.".

This means that the recently-released list of public holidays in Bhutan for the Year of the Water Male Tiger, running from Losar 2022 until Losar 2023 (2021-11-26), is likely to remain unchanged.

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