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Eswatini Moves Umhlanga/Reed Dance 2021 Public Holiday

Source: Government of Eswatini Ministry of Home Affairs (Mbabane)
Posted: Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Eswatini's Minister of Home Affairs, Princess Lindiwe, has announced that the upcoming non-working public holiday for the 2021 Umhlanga (Reed Dance) would be moved to Saturday, September 4, 2021.

Today's announcement of the date of the upcoming non-working public holiday in Eswatini for the 2021 Umhlanga (Reed Dance), is at the last minute as has often been the case (2017-08-18, 2016-08-10, 2015-08-13, 2014-08-06, 2010-08-12, 2009-08-29, 2009-08-15, 2008-08-15, 2007-08-28, 2007-08-19), with some notable exceptions (2018-07-10, 2013-07-23, 2012-07-07, 2011-06-16, 2009-07-29, 2007-07-04).

The fact that this year's Reed Dance public holiday was moved to a Saturday, is probably related to the fact that King Mswati III canceled the Umhlanga Reed Dance Ceremony which was supposed to begin on August 22, 2021.

Note that, in 2018, Swaziland was renamed as Eswatini (2018-03-15).

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