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Senegal 2021 Magal Public Holiday September 26

Source: Site Officiel du Gouvernement du Sénégal (Dakar)
Posted: Wednesday, September 8, 2021
Most recent follow-up news item: September 21, 2021

The Senegalese commission d’observation du croissant lunaire has announced that the first day of the month of Safar would be on September 9 and, therefore, that the 2021 Magal de Touba, and related public holiday, would take place on Sunday, September 26, 2021.

A happened 3 years ago (2018-10-25 and 2018-10-10), there is a possibility that the aforementioned date of Sunday, September 26, 2021, for the Magal de Touba public holiday of the Sénégal, might be extended to a second day.

The Magal de Touba was declared a one-off public holiday in Senegal, after years of hesitation and delays, for the first time in 2012 (2011-11-15, 2011-12-17, 2012-01-11, 2007-03-09, 2009-11-26, 2011-01-22, and 2011-10-26), and again in 2013 (2012-11-02 and 2012-12-07).

The Magal de Touba became an official annual public holiday a year later (2013-10-29), as per the "Projet de loi n°10/2013 complétant et modifiant certaines dispositions de la loi n° 74-52 du 04 novembre 1974 relative à la fête nationale et aux fêtes légales, modifiée" (2013-12-01 and 2013-11-26).

Since then, it has been announced a couple of weeks before, annually (2020-09-18, 2019-09-29, 2018-10-25, 2018-10-10, 2017-10-22, 2017-10-13, 2017-09-21, 2016-11-01 and 2015-11-13).

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