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Transdniestria 2021 Public Holidays Amended

Source: Interfax (Tiraspol)
Posted: Thursday, January 28, 2021

Transdniestria's government has released the resolution Постановление № 26 от 28.01.2021, signed by the Chairman of the Government, A. Martynov, and which amends the list of 2021 public holidays in the Transdniestrian Moldovan Republic, as announced last April (О переносе выходных дней в 2021 году).

The aforementioned О внесении изменений и дополнений в Постановление Правительства Приднестровской Молдавской Республики от 30 апреля 2020 года № 140 «О переносе выходных дней в 2021 году» (On amendments and additions to the Decree of the Government of the Pridnestrovskaia Moldavskaia Respublika dated April 30, 2020 No. 140 "On the transfer of days off in 2021"), as its name indicates, changes the implementation of the declaration of the one bridge public holiday in Transdniestria, to be compensated by the declaration of a Saturdays June 5, rather than January 30, 2021, as regular working day in the calendar year 2021.

Such working Saturdays are in accordance with article 112 of the Labor Code of the Pridnestrovskaia Moldavskaia Respublika, and are regular features of the annual lists of public holidays in the Transdniestrian Moldovan Republic (2020-05-14, 2019-05-29, 2018-06-15, 2017-12-20, 2017-05-01, 2016-07-08, 2015-09-20 and 2012-12-27), though the process is not systematic (2014-12-15 and 2013-12-30).

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