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Ukraine 2022 Public Holidays Approved

Source: Cabinet of Ministers of the Ukraine (Kiev)
Posted: Thursday, August 26, 2021
Most recent follow-up news item: April 20, 2022

At a cabinet meeting, earlier today, the Cabinet of Ministers of the Ukraine has given final approval to the recently released draft of the list of 2022 public holidays and postponed working days in the Ukraine (з метою створення сприятливих умов для раціонального використання робочого часу та відзначення святкових днів).

The aforementioned decree on the postponement of the 2022 rest days in the Ukraine (О переносе дней отдыха в 2022 году) was announced last month and included a decision to postpone 2 working days to a Saturday, in 2022 (2021-07-16).

The two additional one-off bridge public holidays declared for 2022 will be compensated by a corresponding working Saturdays, as was done in the past (2020-09-30, 2020-08-29, 2020-08-07, 2019-08-06, 2017-12-08, 2016-08-17, 2014-11-17, 2013-11-21, 2012-04-23, 2011-06-20, 2008-12-10, 2007-11-29, and 2005-12-23).

A draft version of that decree was published on the website of the the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Ukraine, for public discussion and feedback, earlier this week (2021-08-23).

Public discussion on that draft of the 2022 public holidays in the Ukraine was supposed to last until September 7, 2021. Perhaps this was an attempt to short-circuit any further attempt by the Verkhovna Rada (Ukraine's unicameral Parliament) to accelerate the passage of bill No. 4597, which would stop the Ukrainian practice of declaring bridge public holidays that are compensated by a working Saturday (2021-01-18 and 2021-01-30).

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