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Uruguay Bill To Cancel All Movable Public Holidays

Source: Presidencia de la República (República Oriental del Uruguay)
Posted: Wednesday, September 1, 2021

As announced, last spring, Uruguay's Executive Branch has sent a bill to Parliament which would eliminate the moving of mid-week public holidays to the nearest weekend.

The presidential proposal, dated yesterday, and addressed to the president of Parliament, begins with the preamble "El Poder Ejecutivo tiene el honor de dirigirse a ese Cuerpo, a efectos de someter a su consideración el presente proyecto de ley por el cual se deroga la Ley N 16.805. de 24 de diciembre de 1996, que estableció el commiento de los días de celebración de los feriados declarados por ley".

Recall that, earlier this year (2021-05-18), President Luis Lacalle Pou had announced that the Uruguayan government would soon present a bill to make all public holidays of Uruguay immovable, arguing that "holidays were not born for a tourist issue" and that "if one changes the dates, from my point of view, it distorts the reason for the holidays".

That announcement provoked an immediate dissenting response, in an interview with Telemundo, by Uruguay's Minister of Tourism, Germán Cardoso (2021-05-20), who had been promoting an economic stimulus package which would have gone in the opposite direction by moving all upcoming public holidays in Uruguay to either a Monday or a Friday, so that there be one long weekend per month in Uruguay (2020-05-08).

Public holidays in Uruguay are regulated by the Ley N°16805,(1996-12-31), states in its Article 1 that: "Holidays declared by law, without prejudice to the commemoration of they will follow the following regime: A) If they coincide on Saturday, Sunday or Monday, they will be observed in those days. B) If they occur on Tuesday or Wednesday, they will be observed on the immediate Monday previous.) If they occur on Thursday or Friday, they will be observed on the immediate Monday following.", although Article 2 of that same law listed quite a few exceptions, and a half a decade later (2001-11-14), Uruguay's Parliament permanently froze the dates of the observance of the June 19 and November 2 public holidays, leaving only 3 movable public holidays in Uruguay: April 19 (Desembarco de los 33 Orientales), May 18 (Batalla de las Piedras), and October 12 (Descubrimiento de América).

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