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West Bengal 2022 Public Holidays Announced

Source: Government of West Bengal (Kolkata)
Posted: Friday, November 26, 2021

The government of India's state of West Bengal has announced the days which shall be non-working public holidays in India's state of West Bengal for the calendar year 2022, in the Department Notification No. 3640 -F(P2), signed by order of the Governor, by the Principal Secretary to the Government of West Bengal, Manoj Pant.

As per the aforementioned notification, "In exercise of the power conferred by the explanation to Section 25 of the Negotiable Instrument Act, 1881 (XXVI of 1881), read with Government of India, Ministry of Home Affairs, Notification No. 20/25/56-pub(l) dated the 8th June, 1957, the Governor is pleased to. declare the days as specified at List I below to be Public Holidays during the year 2022.".

The aforementioned list of West Bengal public holidays for the calendar year 2022 (Government Notice No. 3640 -F(P2), dated, 26th November, 2021), as usual, is noteworthy for the dates on which it declares West Bengal Muslim public holidays (2020-11-06, 2019-11-01, 2018-11-06, 2017-11-20 and 2016-11-01).

However, later change to the initially-released list of 2022 West Bengal public holidays, are always a possibility, usually for Muslim public holidays in West Bengal (2021-08-13 and 2016-07-05), but not always (2021-10-25, 2021-09-08, 2021-03-21, 2021-01-31, 2020-12-01, 2020-01-28, 2019-10-17, 2019-09-12, 2019-09-02, 2018-11-12, 2018-09-13, 2018-04-01, 2017-04-27 and 2017-02-16).

Finally, the Government Notice No. 3640 -F(P2) contains the usual mentions/footnotes about public holidays falling on a Sunday, 10 in 2022 ("Sundays are holidays under the Negotiable Instrument Act. In the year 2022, the following festivals/occasions fall on Sundays which are public Holidays under N. I. Act and hence have not been included in lists."), public holidays whose date may later be amended to fall on a weekend ("No substitute holiday shall be allowed if any of the festival -holidays initially notified subsequently happens to fall on a weekly off or any other non-working day or in the event of more than one festival falling on the same day."), and the possibility of changes in the date of Muslim public holidays ("If there is any change in the date of ld-UI-Fitre, ld-Ud-Zoha, Muharram, Fateha-Duaz­Daham, Sab-e-Barat depending upon the sighting of the moon, holiday will be declared by a separate order for the date on which the festival would be actually observed in lieu of the date originally notified as holiday for this festival").

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