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Ireland Officializes New Annual Public Holiday For St Brigid

Source: Houses of the Oireachtas- National Parliament (Dublin)
Posted: Wednesday, January 19, 2022
Most recent follow-up news item: February 7, 2022

The Irish Tánaiste and minister for enterprise, trade and employment, Leo Varadkar, has announced that the Irish government had declared a new annual public holiday for St Brigid's Day, beginning in 2023.

Ever since the beginning of the current pandemic, there have been many calls for a special additional public holiday to be declared in Ireland; by the Irish Minister for Tourism, Brendan Griffin (2020-05-07), then as a result of cabinet rumours (2020-10-05) albeit quickly reined in (2020-10-07).

The consensus choice of St Brigid's Day as that new annual public holiday was reached relatively quickly (2021-01-22).

But, as 2021 progressed, and the Omicron variant arrived, the possibility of declaring a February public holiday in time for 2022 became ever more unlikely and recent announcements were in line with a one-off public holiday around St Patrick’s Day, and the first occurrence of the new St Brigid's Day public holiday moved to 2023 (2022-01-11, 2021-11-25, 2021-10-31, 2021-10-05 and 2021-09-25).

An intermediary proposal by former Irish Minister for Tourism, Brendan Griffin, to consider the declaration of a one-off public holiday in Ireland in September 2021, never got anywhere (2021-05-05).

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