• Australia (Aug 19) Western Australia Mulls New Easter Public Holiday   • Pakistan (Aug 18) Pakistan 2018 Refuses Eid-ul Azha Public Holidays Extension   • Kenya (Aug 17) Kenya 2018 Idd-ul-Adha Public Holiday   • Philippines (Aug 17) Philippines 2019 Public Holidays Announced   • Uganda (Aug 17) Ugandan 2018 Eid Adhuha Public Holiday   • India (Aug 16) India 2018 Uttarakhand Public Holidays Amended   • Philippines (Aug 16) Philippines Eid'l Adha Public Holiday August 21   • Qatar (Aug 16) Qatar 2018 Eid Al Adha Public Holidays Announced   • Kyrgyzstan (Aug 15) Kyrgyzstan 2018 Kurman Ait Public Holidays Extended   • Pakistan (Aug 15) Pakistan 2018 Eid-ulAzha Public Holidays   • India (Aug 14) Indian 2018 Central Public Holidays Amended Again   • UAE (Aug 14) UAE 2018 Eid Al Adha Public Holidays   • Uzbekistan (Aug 14) Uzbekistan 2018 Eid al Adha Public Holiday   • Venezuela (Aug 14) Venezuela Public Holiday August 20   • Dominican Republic (Aug 13) Dominican Republic Public Holiday August 16   • Greece (Aug 13) Greece 2019 Public Holidays Announced   • Kyrgyzstan (Aug 13) Kyrgyzstan 2018 Kurman Ait Public Holiday   • Oman (Aug 13) Oman 2018 Eid al Adha Public Holidays Announced   • Algeria (Aug 12) Algerian 2018 Aīd El Adha Public Holidays   • Bahrain (Aug 12) Bahrain 2019 Public Holidays Announced   • Maldives (Aug 12) Maldives Public Holiday September 23   • Isle of Man (Aug 11) Isle of Man 2019 Public Holidays Announced   • UAE (Aug 11) UAE 2018 Eid Al Adha Public Sector Holidays   • Maldives (Aug 10) Maldives Supreme Court Rejects September 23 Public Holiday   • Angola (Aug 9) Angola Public Holidays Legislation Amendments Voted   • Guatemala (Aug 9) Guatemalan Mulls Public Holidays Revision   • Venezuela (Aug 9) Venezuelan 2019 Bank Holidays And Public Holidays   • Maldives (Aug 8) Maldives 2018 Mulls Eid-al-Adha Public Holidays Extension   • Pakistan (Aug 8) Pakistan Ramadan Bank Holiday August 14   • India (Aug 7) India 2018 Puducherry Public Holidays Amended   • India (Aug 7) India 2018 Tamil Nadu Public Holidays Amended   • Kuwait (Aug 6) Kuwaiti 2018 Eid Al-Adha Public Holidays   • Chile (Aug 5) Chilean 2020 Public Holidays Announced   • Spain (Aug 5) Spain 2019 Valencia Public Holidays Gazetted   • Ecuador (Aug 4) Ecuador Public Holidays August 10-12   • Spain (Aug 4) Spain 2019 Cataluņa Public Holidays Gazetted   • Kazakhstan (Aug 3) Kazakhstan August 2018 Public Holidays   • Côte d'Ivoire (Aug 2) Ivory Coast Public Holiday August 6   • Papua New Guinea (Aug 2) Papua New Guinea APEC Public Holidays November 15-16   • Romania (Aug 2) Romanian Public Holidays August 15-19   • Costa Rica (Aug 1) Costa Rican Public Holiday August 2   • Maldives (Aug 1) Maldives 2018 Mulls Eid-al-Adha Public Holidays Extension   • Malaysia (Jul 31) Malaysian 2020 Islamic Public Holidays Announced   • Nicaragua (Jul 31) Nicaraguan August 2018 Public Holidays   • Spain (Jul 30) Spain 2019 Ceuta Public Holidays Approved   • Liberia (Jul 29) Liberian Public Holiday July 31   • Maldives (Jul 28) Maldives Declares Public Holiday July 29   • Argentina (Jul 27) Argentina Mulls November 30 Public Holiday   • Spain (Jul 27) Spain 2019 Aragon Public Holidays Gazetted   • Spain (Jul 26) Spain 2019 Cataluņa Public Holidays Announced     Previous dates: here

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