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This re-sizable dialog appears when you choose to recompile a macro, in response to a design-time message, such as:


macro is not compiled

compilation of macro generated warnings

macro was compiled with a different compiler version


The list of compilation errors, warnings and hints is displayed in the ListView at the center of the dialog.


To obtain more information on a given message, click on it once in the list and then press the F1 key.

To open the macro in the macros editor, click on the Open button.


Alternatively, even when none of the above messages is displayed, you can still access this dialog in any of the following manners.


select compile macro from the macro menu of the macros manager

select compile from the code menu of the macros editor


See also: recompile all macros and compiling macros.


Topic 127200, last updated on 13-Apr-2020