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Copying GenTokens Options and Sub-Options

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The Copying GenTokens Options and Sub-Options dialog can be used to copy or swap entire GenTokens options from one index to another, or to only copy parts of a GenTokens option to a GenTokens option of another index or to another Special Case of itself.


This is often useful in Leporello-style diaries where, as in the example below, the rule below is repeated identically in all cases (weekdays, Saturdays, Sundays and holidays) but the rule above differs depending on whether a particular day is a weekday, a Saturday, a Sunday, or a holiday.

All 18 GenTokens and sub-options are displayed in 2 TreeViews, side by side.


The current selections are displayed in path format in the Current Source and Current Target fields.


There are 2 buttons, located between the TreeViews:


Copy to(one-way copying) This button is enabled when copying is allowed and disabled otherwise. You can copy any option, as long as the target option is of the same type as that of the source option (basically this means that both options are at the same level of indentation in the TreeView, and that their names, apart from the numerical index, is the same).


Swap(two-way copying) This button is used to exchange the options and sub-options selected on both sides. This is often used to swap special cases if you notice that the order in which the conditions are evaluated has been reversed, or if you need to insert a new special case in between 2 existing special cases. This button is enabled and disabled according to the same rules as those used to enable and disable the Copy to button above.


Note that the effect of these buttons is immediate and cannot be canceled. To prevent the unintentional copying or swapping of options, a confirmation message is displayed whenever you click on either of these buttons, asking you to confirm the copying or swapping of options.


See also: GenTokens Options, GenTokens Tokens, Special Case Conditions, Line Endings and Formatting.


Topic 176025, last updated on 19-Apr-2020