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Unexpected DayValue of X on page Y

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The DayValue of some of the tokens in the current GridTemplate do not make sense to Q++Studio, based on the Template structure set in the Templates Explorer.


This verification is only carried out for daily and weekly diaries where the maximum DayValue is easy to estimate.


If this message is founded, the consequences on the output file are enormous. Usually the dates on all pages, except the first, will be totally wrong. If you ignore this message, make sure you know why you feel safe in doing so.


This message can occur if, for example, in a weekly diary, you have a preview of the next week containing tokens [8d] to 14d]. As the structure of the template is 1 week on 2 pages, these [d] tokens based on days outside of the range 1-7 cause the present message to be generated. In such cases, see the Alternate solution section, below.




Correct the Token in file name: Opens the GridTemplate in QuarkXPress to let you change tokens.

Modify Template Properties: Lets you select another structure for the current GridTemplate, for example changing from an initial design of 2 days on 2 pages to 7 days on 6 pages, if the error came from there. This also often happens with monthly grids where one tests with 1m/1p and then duplicates the month multiple times once the 1 month works. However this is not common for daily and weekly grids.


Alternate solution


If there is no obvious error in your template, or in the way you set the template structure, then you should use DayValue marker tokens to specify exactly which days are contained on which page of your GridTemplate.