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GridTemplate is a QuarkXPress Passport file

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The current template comes from a GridTemplate which was saved in the passport format of QuarkXPress, which cannot be opened by non-passport versions of QuarkXPress.


This message can only occur if you are still using QuarkXPress versions 5 or 6, as all subsequent versions of QuarkXPress are passport (internally, though this is not mentioned anywhere after QuarkXPress 6).


You will not be able to re-scan the current file or open it using your current version QuarkXPress.




You should change to a version of QuarkXPress that can open legacy passport files, that is to say QuarkXPress 8 at least.


Currently (April 2024), the minimum recommended version of QuarkXPress to use with the XV4 64-bit version of Q++Studio is QuarkXPress 2018 (with the 64-bit version of Windows 10 or Windows 11), which has all the advantages of the excellent 2017 version, but also handles large font families with multiple font styles, in particular as it will allow you to select print-only fonts using the new font list editor.


Topic 175620, last updated on 22-Mar-2021