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GridTemplate cannot be found

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The GridTemplate file used by the current DiaryGridLine, cannot be found in the location where it was when it was scanned.


This message is an error, which will prevent diary generation, if at the same time, the file was scanned with a different version of QuarkXPress or InDesign than the one currently used.




Update original GridTemplate's Path: Opens the Find File dialog which lets Q++Studio automatically search for the file in another location, or even with a different name.

Let Q++Studio update all missing QuarkXPress or InDesign  files in this Script (recommended): When you select this solution, Q++Studio goes through every Info Pages and DiaryGridLine of the current script and tries to update any missing QuarkXPress or InDesign files. If it finds one match only, it uses it. If it finds more than one it does nothing. By default, this search begins in the directories you have selected in the Preferences. Note that this functionality can also be accessed from the SCRIPTS menu.


Topic 108057, last updated on 23-Jun-2021