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The XV4 version of Q++Studio supports the native use of Hebrew in QuarkXPress, when using QuarkXPress 2016-2024, or when using any of the InDesign 2020-2024.


The following aspects of Hebrew can be specified:

Vowels: Hebrew text can be displayed either as the traditional abjad alphabet consisting only of consonants, or using niqqud as a mean of indicating vowel sounds by separate vowel points to indicate vowels that have traditionally gone unwritten (full spelling).

Number Variations: the numbers 15 and 16 can either be written using the two-letter combinations יה‎ (10 + 5) and יו‎ (10 + 6), or as טו‎ (9 + 6) and טז‎ (9 + 7), respectively, to avoid the alternate written forms for the Name of God.


Run-time support for Hebrew is installed automatically with Q++Studio.


Design-Time Support


There is no design-time support for Hebrew in QuarkXPress, but InDesign does provide design-time support for Hebrew, in the MENA version of InDesign.


Topic 181555, last updated on 24-Oct-2023