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bool = HolidayOfSetInPeriod(nHolSetID, nDate1, nDate2)


This macro function checks if there is at least one holiday or one-time-date for the holidays set of nHolSetId in the period ranging from nDate1 to nDate2, inclusively.


If the holidays set nHolSetID is not referred to in any of the aeiou-holidays, then you should make sure it is in the list of included holidays.


This function is useful if you only want to know that there is at least one holiday occurrence during a given period of time, but do not care what the details are.


The macro code below checks if there is a holiday of a set of Muslim holidays in the current month and, if so, displays a mention that the Islamic holidays begin at sunset the night before.

sResult = ''
nHolSetID = 28995 // a holidays set with only Muslim holidays
nMinDate = FirstDateOfMonth(n_TokenYear,n_TokenMonth)
nMaxDate = LastDateOfMonth(n_TokenYear,n_TokenMonth)
if HolidayOfSetInPeriod(nHolSetID, nMinDate, nMaxDate)
   sResult = 'Islamic holidays begin at sunset the day before'

See also: HolidayOfListInPeriod and HolidayOfSetOnDate.


Topic 153200, last updated on 10-May-2022