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Included Holidays

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Property of the script line: International.


This property contains the same type of information and is edited in the same manner as any the aeiou-holidays.


Adding holidays sets to the included holidays property of a script ensures that holidays occurrences for these sets are available during diary generation.


Generally, you should add holidays sets to the Included Holidays property:


If you refer to holidays sets, or holidays rules, by their ID, such as is the case when using one of the following macro functions: HolidayOfSetInPeriod, HolidayOfSetOnDate, IsHolidayForSet, and IsHolidayOccurence.

If you use number of working days in a given month tokens, and the holidays sets of that token are used nowhere else in the script.


See also: filter holidays, holidays generation details.


Topic 152200, last updated on 22-Mar-2021