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Importing Macros From an External File

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The Import New Macro dialog is used to import macros that you received from technical support, as a *.QPX plain-text file.


This importation creates a new macro in the database.


To update an existing macro, see the selected macro topic.

To import macros using the Q++Studio native database format, rather than the plain-text QPX file format, use the data pump.


To access the Import New Macro dialog, select import macros from the advanced menu of the main window



To import macros sent as QPX files by technical support:


1.Detach the QPX file from the email you received.

2.Open the the Import New Macro dialog.

3.On the left of the dialog, locate the QPX file you detached in the Import New Macro dialog.

4.Use the edit box at the top of the dialog to specify the name of the macro, if the default one it does not suit you.

5.On the right of the dialog, select the macros set into which you wish to import the macro.

6.Click on the Import Macro button.


Note that the QPX files can be deleted after you have imported them into the database; they are no longer needed.


See also: updating an existing macro, exporting macros as QPX files and exporting and importing macros using the data pump.


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