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InDesign diary generation not yet implemented

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This temporary message will occur during the beta testing phase of InDesign support, before the diary generation using InDesign is implemented and ready to be tested.


It serves as protection against accidentally trying to generate a diary using InDesign.




If you are a beta tester of the InDesign support, wait until tech support informs you that a new version of Q++Studio, which implements diary generation using InDesign, is available.


Additional Information


Beginning in September 2021, the XV4 64-bit version of Q++Studio will support InDesign.


Currently (October 2020), the development of InDesign support is done using InDesign 2020, but we expect to support InDesign 2021 within a few weeks after Q++Studio officially supports InDesign.


However, not all versions of InDesign are supported by all versions of Windows, and vice-versa.


InDesign-Windows Restrictions and Incompatibilities


InDesign 2020, and above, can only run on Windows 10.