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Miscellaneous Astronomical Tokens

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Miscellaneous Astronomical tokens allow you to calculate and display all the information available in the astronomical data export module, and which does not specifically refer to the Sun, the Moon or a planet, individually.


Miscellaneous Astronomical tokens are of the general form:




and the miscellaneous astronomical tokens currently defined are as follows:



Calculates the Sidereal time at the beginning of the day (00:00) on a given date, using the angle format +6h23m55s.


If you need the sidereal time at another time than the default, then you can append the suffix :@hhnn where hhnn is to be replaced by the hour and time at which you want the token evaluated.


If you wish to display the result in a different format than the default one described above, you can append the suffix :fSomeFormat where SomeFormat is composed as specified here.


In cases where one or more of the indices is not applicable, leave its value blank.


Topic 181175, last updated on 17-Apr-2020