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Holiday + Saint Tokens [fä]..[fü] (deprecated)

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Note that these tokens and options are deprecated. Since September 2002, the recommended method of displaying saints and holidays together is to use saints tokens and holidays tokens independently and then combine them using the saints options property.


This option applies to the tokens [fä]..[fü].


The Holiday + Saint Tokens options located at the right of the holidays (multiple) property editor, allow for the treatment of cases when holidays and saints and saints exceptions fall on the same day.




Use this option to tell Q++Studio what to do, when a holiday falls on the same day as a Saint. The 3 options are to show both the holiday and the Saint, exclude the Saint if the holiday is not regional, and exclude the Saint always.


Note that the tokens [fä]..[fü] are meant to always supply a result, so, if there are no holidays on a given date, then the corresponding saint will be displayed. The setting Always exclude (only holiday) applies to dates when there is a holiday. On dates with no holiday, the day's saint will appear.


Saints based on Holidays Set


By default, Q++Studio will look for saints using the same Holidays Sets as for the holidays. There may be cases when you wish to have a specific Holidays Set for a customer, but still wish to use the standard list of Saints for the customer's country. In that case you would select the standard Holidays Set with this option.




Some diaries include Saints (which fall on the same day-month every year) as well as Saints' exceptions (Easter Sunday for example, which move from year to year). This option lets you decide what should happen to the "every year" saint when it occurs on the same date as a current year's exception. You can skip the exception (ie. Easter Sunday would not appear), prepend it (Easter Sunday would appear before the "regular" saint), append it (Easter Sunday would appear after the regular saint, or use the exception to replace the regular saint (the regular saint would not appear at all).


See also: saints options.


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