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PDF file cannot be found

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The file used for the PDF File property of the current PDF Pages script line cannot be found.


It will not be possible to preview or execute the current script until that error is fixed.




Search for file name: Opens the find file dialog to automatically search for the current PDF file in another location, or even with a different name.

Let Q++Studio update all missing PDF files in this Script (recommended): Select this solution to automatically go through every PDF Pages script line of the current script and try to update any missing PDF files that correspond to these script lines. In each case, if only one match is found, then it is used. If more than one match is found, then the corresponding script line will not be updated and, at the end of the update process, a dialog will appear proposing to launch a file-by-file search to let you select from among the multiple matches.

Modify the path/name of file name: Lets you modify manually the path and file name to be used for the current PDF Pages script line.


Topic 182675, last updated on 11-Apr-2022