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Sara uses text stroke filling

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This InDesign design-time message occurs if one or more of the saras of the saras property use text stroking with the NoFill option set to false, as in the image on the right.


In InDesign, the filling, or not, of the stroked character depends on the stroked character’s underlying font color, and a NoFill stroked text will have its underlying font color changed to None, with all trace of the previous color gone.


Therefore the option shown on the right, which would bring back the filling of the stroked text when using QuarkXPress, is not available when using InDesign, and the filling color should be set separately.




Select the Edit the Sara used popup option which lets you edit the sara so you can check the NoFill box and then choose the normal text color, which will be used as filling color, as shown in the image on the right.


Topic 186050, last updated on 10-Jul-2021