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This message is no longer applicable since October 18, 2022.


The Notification tab of the server settings is used to have the Q++Studio server send email messages to technical support and keep it automatically informed of the activities the Q++Studio server performs on the server.


Email messages, if enabled, are sent 30 minutes after any database maintenance, that is 90 minutes after the scheduled backup time.


Use any name you wish as the Site Name; it is used to make it easier for technical support to identify the origin of an error message (if you use the option Also notify Tech Support of errors).


Use the Send notification when option to determine under which circumstances you wish to receive email notification :



this setting disables notification entirely.

Every day

useful to make sure that unattended server activity functioned properly, and that the Q++Stub (which regulates all server activity) is still up and running (if it has a problem you will know because you will not get a message that all went OK).

Every scheduled day

only following unattended activity (backup, database maintenance). On days when no activity is scheduled, you will not receive any message.

If an error occurs

an email message is only sent to you if there is a problem with any of the nightly unattended activities (backup, database maintenance).



The Message subject option lets you set a different message header depending on the success or failure of the nightly activities. Most email clients (Outlook for example) let you do automated processing of incoming messages based on some criteria, including the subject title.


You can have your email client perform some specific action (such as broadcasting a warning to all Q++Studio users on the network) when you receive an error notification message, even if you are not logged on. This is useful if you, the administrator are on one shift while other users are on other shifts.


The Message body option lets you decide what you wish to receive :


Summary: the message will only contain the nightly errors.
Summary + Log: a copy of the most recent mirroring log will be attached to the notification message.


The Send notification to settings are used to tell Q++Studio to whom it should send the notification messages, and under which user ID it should log onto your email server.


You can use the Copy my settings button to copy the email settings of the PC on which you currently are, to the current dialog.


The Test it button lets you send a test email message to verify that the email account settings are correct.


See also: other server settings.


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