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The Unused Non-Dated Pages Report - Non-Dated Pages Not Used By Any Script

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The Non-Dated Pages Not Used By Any Script data report, displays all the non-dated QuarkXPress, InDesign or PDF pages files that were once imported, but that are no longer used by any of the scripts.


This report can be launched from the from the QuarkXPress menu or the InDesign menu or the PDF menu, in which case it will only look for unused templates based on a QuarkXPress or an InDesign file or a PDF file, respectively.


However, if this report is launched from the data menu or the admin menu, then it will report on unused templates based on all of the QuarkXPress or InDesign or PDF files.


This report is similar to other unused data reports and displays its results in an advanced data grid which can be used to filter, sort, or group the results, before eventually exporting these to Excel.


Topic 184150, last updated on 25-Aug-2020