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Venezuela 2010 Bank And Public Holidays Announced
(Posted on Thursday, December 10, 2009)

Source: Consejo Bancario Nacional (Caracas)

The National Bank Council of Venezuela has announced the list of official dates for the 2010 public holidays and bank holidays in Venezuela.

The list, in particular, gives details of the banks-only holidays that are moved to adjoin the weekend nearest to their traditional date. In 2010, five such bank holidays will be moved to the nearest Monday.

Although the announcement cautions that such date changes are subject to last-minute confirmation ("Los cierres correspondientes a estos días señalados se avisarán por la prensa anticipadamente" and "El Consejo Bancario Nacional se reserva el derecho de hacer modificaciones"), in the past these initial announcements have always been confirmed (14-Jun-2009).

Interestingly, despite last year's passage of a revised organic law of tourism (05-Aug-2008) which includes the concept of moving mid-week public holidays to the nearest weekend, to promote internal tourism, none of the mid-week public holidays in 2010 have been moved.

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