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The date of Pisces for the years 2019‑2029

This page contains dates and information about Pisces for the years 2019‑2029.*

When is Pisces for the years 2019‑2029 ?

Year Holiday or Observance Weekday Date
2019 Pisces (UTC) Monday
2020 Pisces (UTC) Wednesday
2021 Pisces (UTC) Thursday
2022 Pisces (UTC) Friday
2023 Pisces (UTC) Saturday
2024 Pisces (UTC) Monday
2025 Pisces (UTC) Tuesday
2026 Pisces (UTC) Wednesday
2027 Pisces (UTC) Thursday
2028 Pisces (UTC) Saturday
2029 Pisces (UTC) Sunday

* The astronomical dates above were calculated based on UTC (zero degrees of longitude and no summertime adjustments). The exact date when Pisces is observed might depend on the specific country, region or state.