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Global Holidays and Observances 2029

This page contains a table of the list of globally observed public holidays and non-holiday observances for the calendar year 2029* (you may also be interested in bank holidays and public holidays, listed by country or listed by date).

The list of global holidays for the calendar year 2029 is:

Date Weekday Holiday or Observance Calendar
Monday Western New Year
Saturday Epiphany
Sunday Orthodox Christmas orthodox
Sunday Orthodox New Year orthodox
Sunday Tamil Thai Pongal Day solar
Tuesday Start of Ramadan (Umm al-Qura) muslim
Friday Aquarius (UTC) solar
Tuesday Thaipusam hindu solar
Thursday Nuzul Quran / Revelation of the Qur'an (Umm al-Qura) muslim
Friday Jumatul Bidah / Friday of Farewell (Umm al-Qura) muslim
Sunday Lailat al Qadr / Night of Destiny (Umm al-Qura) muslim
Sunday Maha Shivaratree hindu lunar
Tuesday Chinese New Year / Spring Festival chinese lunar
Tuesday Seol-nal / Korean New Year korean lunar
Tuesday Shrove Tuesday / Carnival easter
Tuesday Tet Nguyen Dan / Vietnamese New Year vietnamese lunar
Wednesday Ash Wednesday easter
Wednesday Dangpa Losar / Bhutanese New Year (Year of the Female Earth Bird) bhutanese lunar
Wednesday Eid al Fitr / End of Ramadan (Umm al-Qura) muslim
Wednesday Losar / Tibetan New Year tibetan lunar
Wednesday Tsagaan Sar / Mongolian New Year (Year of the Yellow Hen) mongolian lunar
Sunday Pisces (UTC) solar
Monday Orthodox Clean Monday orth. easter
Tuesday Orthodox Shrove Tuesday orth. easter
Wednesday Orthodox Ash Wednesday orth. easter
Thursday Holi Phagwa hindu lunar
Thursday Purim jewish
Thursday International Women's Day
Thursday Mi-Carême / Mid-Lent easter
Tuesday Aries (UTC) solar
Tuesday Vernal Equinox / Spring (UTC) solar
Sunday Palm Sunday easter
Thursday Maundy Thursday easter
Friday Good Friday easter
Saturday Pesach / Jewish Passover jewish
Sunday Easter easter
Monday Easter Monday easter
Wednesday Qing Ming Jie / Tomb Sweeping Day chinese solar
Friday Orthodox Good Friday orth. easter
Saturday Orthodox Holy Saturday orth. easter
Sunday Orthodox Easter orth. easter
Monday Orthodox Easter Monday orth. easter
Friday Cambodian New Year solar
Friday Laotian New Year
Sunday Ougadi / Ugaadi hindu lunar
Tuesday Burmese New Year
Thursday Taurus (UTC) solar
Monday Arafat Day (Umm al-Qura) muslim
Monday Ram Navami hindu lunar
Tuesday Eid al Adha / Feast of Sacrifice (Umm al-Qura) muslim
Thursday Mahavir Jayanti / Janma Kalyanak hindu lunar
Friday Great Prayer Day easter
Tuesday International Labour Day
Thursday Ascension Day easter
Monday Islamic New Year / Hijra New Year (1451) (Umm al-Qura) muslim
Sunday Gemini (UTC) solar
Sunday Shavuot jewish
Sunday Whit Sunday / Pentecost easter
Monday Whit Monday easter
Wednesday Ashura (Umm al-Qura) muslim
Monday Orthodox Pentecost Monday orth. easter
Thursday Corpus Christi easter
Saturday Duan Wu Jie / Dragon Boat Festival chinese lunar
Thursday Cancer (UTC) solar
Thursday Summer Solstice / Summer (UTC) solar
Saturday Magal de Touba (Umm al-Qura) muslim
Sunday Leo (UTC) solar
Tuesday Mawlid an Nabi / The Prophet's Birthday (Umm al-Qura) muslim
Tuesday Baptism of the Prophet (Umm al-Qura) muslim
Tuesday Parsi New Year zoroastrian
Wednesday Assumption
Wednesday Onam / Thiruonam hindu solar
Wednesday Virgo (UTC) solar
Monday Rosh Hashanah / Jewish New Year (5790) jewish
Wednesday Ganesh Chaturthi / Vinayaka Chaturthi / Chaturthi Paksha hindu lunar
Wednesday Yom Kippur jewish
Saturday Autumnal Equinox / Fall (UTC) solar
Saturday Libra (UTC) solar
Saturday Zhong Qu Jie / Mid Autumn Festival chinese lunar
Monday Sukkot jewish
Monday Canadian Thanksgiving
Tuesday Dassain hindu lunar
Tuesday Scorpio (UTC) solar
Wednesday Reformation Day
Thursday All Saints' Day
Friday All Souls' Day
Monday Northern Deepavali / Diwali Amavasya hindu lunar
Monday Southern Deepavali / Diwali Krisna Chaturdasi hindu lunar
Wednesday Guru Nanak Jayanti hindu lunar
Thursday Sagittarius (UTC) solar
Thursday US Thanksgiving
Sunday First Sunday in Advent
Monday Lailat al Miraj / The Prophet's Ascension (Umm al-Qura) muslim
Saturday Immaculate Conception
Sunday Second Sunday in Advent
Sunday Third Sunday in Advent
Friday Capricorn (UTC) solar
Friday Lailat al Bara'a / Night of Emancipation (Umm al-Qura) muslim
Friday Winter Solstice / Winter (UTC) solar
Sunday Fourth Sunday in Advent
Tuesday Western Christmas
Wednesday Boxing Day / Saint Stephen's Day
Monday Western New Year's Eve

* The actual date of most global public holidays differs from one country, region or state, to another. To get the exact date when one of the holidays, above, is observed as an official public holiday in a specific country, region or state, please refer to our listings of national bank holidays and public holidays by country or by date.