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This monthly recap of March 2002 worldwide public holidays news and updates, covering all the countries of the world, is based on our daily review of hundreds of on-line newspapers, government sites, and institutional sources, and over a decade of experience following worldwide public holidays, to place current events in context, and anticipate on possible future changes.

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Latvia Declares December 30 Public Holiday (Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Latvia-Riga) - Summary: Latvia's Cabinet of Ministers has issued a decree which recommends that all governments, private enterprises and organizations shift the working day of Monday, December 30, 2002, to Saturday, December 28, 2002. Links: full story and other Latvia news and updates.



UAE Considering Day in Lieu Public Holidays (Source: UAE Interact-Dubai) - Summary: The UAE's Minister of Labour and Social Affairs, Mattar Humaid Al Tayer, has announced that he had added an article to the proposed amendments to the Federal Labour Law No 8 of 1980, entitling private sector employees to a compensatory off day in the event of an official public holiday falling on Friday. Links: full story and other UAE (United Arab Emirates) news and updates.



Afghanistan Celebrate First New Year Holiday Since Taleban Demise (Source: Afghan News Network) - Summary: Afghans are celebrating the Afghan new year for the first time since 1996, when the now ousted Taleban seized control of the country and banned the holiday of Narooz, calling it un-Islamic. Links: other Afghanistan news and updates.



Iran 2002-2003 Public Holidays (Source: Iranian Research Institute for Scientific Information and Documentation-IRANDOC) - Summary: Iran's Islamic Consultative Assembly has approved the list of official public holidays in Iran for the Persian year 1385, running from March 2002, to March 2003. Links: other Iran news and updates.



Philippines Declares Holy Wednesday Public Sector Holiday (Source: Office of the President-Malacañang) - Summary: Presidential Spokesman, Rigoberto Tiglao, announced that President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo and the Cabinet, had reached a consensus to declare Holy Wednesday (March 27, 2002) as a special public sector holiday for government employees only. Links: full story and other Philippines news and updates.



Mozambique Parliament Approves New October Public Holiday (Source: Xinhua News Agency-Maputo) - Summary: Earlier today, the Parliament of Mozambique unanimously approved a bill to make October 4, the anniversary of the 1992 peace agreement that ended the country's civil war, a public holiday, to be named "Peace and National Reconciliation Day". Links: other Mozambique news and updates.



UAE Announces New Hijri Year 1423 Public Holiday (Source: Emirates News Agency-WAM) - Summary: The UAE's Minister of State for Cabinet Affairs, Saeed Al Ghaith, has announced that Federal and Public establishments would remain closed for one day next Saturday, March 16, 2002, on the occasion of the beginning of the new Hijri year 1423. Links: other UAE (United Arab Emirates) news and updates.


Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea 2003 Public Holidays Announced (Source: Chamber of Commerce and Industry-Port Moresby) - Summary: The government of Papua New Guinea has gazetted the list of official Papua New Guinea (PNG) public holidays for the calendar year 2003. Links: full story and other Papua New Guinea news and updates.



Zimbabwe Declares March 9 Election Public Holiday (Source: Pan-African News Agency-PANA) - Summary: Yesterday, Zimbabwe's President, Robert Mugabe, announced that he would declare Saturday, March 9, 2002, as a one-off public holiday to allow people to vote in this weekend's presidential election. Links: full story and other Zimbabwe news and updates.



Chile Cancels September Public Holiday (Source: Diario Oficial De La Republica De Chile-Santiago) - Summary: Chile's recently promulgated Law 19.793 abolishes the first Monday in September, "Día de la Unidad Nacional", public holiday, effective immediately. Links: full story and other Chile news and updates.



Singapore 2002 Deepavali Public Holiday Date Change (Source: Ministry of Manpower) - Summary: The Singapore Ministry of Manpower has announced that the upcoming Deepavali would fall on November 4th, 2002. Links: full story and other Singapore news and updates.


Solomon Islands

Solomon Islands Declares March 8 Public Holiday (Source: Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation-Honiara) - Summary: The Minister for Home and Ecclesiastical Affairs of the Solomon Islands, Clement Rojumana, announced that the cabinet had approved Friday, March 8, 2002, as a special public holiday for Honiara to coincide with that date's "Walk For Peace". Links: other Solomon Islands news and updates.

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