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Botswana Election Day Public Holiday Update

Source: Botswana Ministry of Communications
Posted: Thursday, November 27, 2008
Most recent follow-up news item: October 19, 2019

It appears that the Electoral Amendment Bill presented to Botswana's Parliament by the Minister for Presidential Affairs and Public Administration will pass, but that before then it will be amended to make the dates of elections a public holiday.

Among those campaigning for this further addition are MP for Lobatse, Nehemiah Modubule, and MP for Moshupa, Maitlhoko Mooka, who propose that polling day should be made a public holiday during the week as weekends have attracted complaints from religious circles, such as Seventh Day Adventists, who feel disadvantaged.

As we reported last summer (2008-08-22), the next legislative and presidential elections in Botswana are expected to occur in October 2009.

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